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Just in time for the holi-daze!  Fill an INgredients bag with goodies and save.  Spend $50 and save 10%; spend $100 and save 20%!  Show family and friends what they are missing in INdiana with products from INgredients.

INgredients is pleased to announce another class on Thursday, Dec. 11th, 6:30-8PM!  Homemade Baby Food with healthy, wholesome INgredients.  See “Class Schedule” tab for details.

Also announcing new winter hours:

Due to the end of the growing season, we will be reducing our market/cafe hours.  We will now be closing at 6PM.  Kitchen will be closing earlier.  If you want dinner ready and waiting, call ahead and place your order for pick up to bring home.  Call 570-3663 to place your dinner to-go order.

Now featuring Tuttles for a variety of apples and hand-pressed cider.  Come taste the deliciousness and stock up on cider for your upcoming celebrations.  Or just to serve warm and tasty at home for yourself! YUM!





produce case 1Broccoli is just the beginning. Let INgredients be your “everyday Farmer’s Market” MOST ITEMS ON OUR MENU ARE MADE WITH INGREDIENTS RIGHT FROM THE BACKYARD GARDEN AND OUR ACRES IN McCORDSVILLE!  All meat is locally sourced and grass fed.  Come and taste the difference and make a difference by choosing to spend your money on local and show support for your local farmers! Thank you.

Check out our class schedule for upcoming classes.  Sign up now; all of our classes have limited seating and have sold out for every event.  See the page for details. Check out what is new: Saturday breakfast now being offered.  Upcoming classes.  Kids Menu Options. Pick 2 Menu.

Fresh from our farm to your table.

INgredients is a comprehensive, farm-to-table food experience incorporating a market, cafe, takeout and cooking school with an emphasis on local, sustainable, nutrient-dense, organic and homemade foods. INgredients will provide healthy foods for home cooks, quick nutritious take home meals for busy professionals and families, a fully equipped kitchen for food processing, catering, special dinners and a robust schedule of cooking classes ranging from fermentation and sauces to ethnic and practical meal preparation utilizing local and/or organic INgredients! We will have an onsite garden and a welcoming atmosphere for those new to healthy food cooking and are an indispensable resource for the seasoned chef. We look forward to having you become a part of our family and hopefully, INgredients will become a part of yours. Jacqueline Bartelt, co-founder/owner Kevin Logan, co-founder/owner Tom Wiles, co-founder/owner storefront with chairs


Let Medicine be Thy Food

The great thinker Hippocrates understood this but this has been lost in the current era of modern medicine’s infatuation with synthetic pharmaceuticals as thy medicine and technology as our savior. Yet the basics that Hippocrates purported are as valid today as they were in the 4th century BC. As a physician, I recited the Hippocratic Oath upon graduation from medical school with great intentions as I am sure my colleagues did. However, the chasm between … Continue reading